Why are so many Baby Boomers and Generation Xers flocking to this New Profit For Life Kangen Water Retirement System that is fast becoming a national phenomena.   With a company that has already created more millionaires than any other opportunity in the world!









        I know, I'm 58 myself.  A boomer.  Someone that not long ago was confronting a life altering dilemma (many of us experience) called a mid life crisis



        You know, someone concerned about running out of money in retirement.  Someone concerned about maintaining his health. (After all, I am married with a wonderful three year old).  I need to be around for him.



         Why is this so important?



         Ten thousand baby boomers are retiring everyday.  That's four million boomers a year.  Talk about having a hungry captive market.  That's millions of boomers looking to live longer, feel better, and enhance or even replace their retirement incomes.



         Fortunately for me, getting involved with this Enagic opportunity has easily been the best decision I've made for the long term security and health of my family.  Likewise for you.  All from this automated system you're experiencing right now.  Something you too will experience first hand once you join our Enagic community, coupled with my (lead) Health Wealth Water Story system and the record breaking Power Life Pro system. 



         In fact, the very first month I used this system I made the most money that I've ever made online. Three times more than I've ever made working a full time job! 




         For one, contrary to popular belief, all water is not created equal -- and it's not by a long shot.  People often ask what is it about Kangen water that makes it so different.  So popular.  So coveted.  For one, Kangen water has a massive amount of molecular hydrogen.


        Let me explain:



       Throughout ancient history there has always been a universal fascination with special 'alleged' sacred healing waters. Such as River Jordan of Israel, Lourdes of France, the Delhi in India, the Nordenau in Germany to name a few.  Such water has always been held in high regard. 





         What's interesting is that it also has been discovered that a lot of these so called "Miracle Healing Waters" have one thing in common.   They have an abundance of active hydrogen.  Meaning they are electron rich, oxygen rich and mineral rich. 


           Ultimately, this means that Kangen water  is much more alkaline than most water.  To better understand the over all health benefits of molecular hydrogen on your body, watch the twenty-three minute video below.








1).  Hydrogen has been proven to fight the strongest oxidizing chemical of all the Hydroxyl radicals, which is a major villain in DNA damage.



2).  Hydrogen's health benefits are also quite cerebral.  For one, it doesn't react with other oxidizing agents, which are actually beneficial to your body.


3).  It also doesn't disturb necessary metabolic reactions or disrupt cell signaling.


4).  Hydrogen, with the added help of ionization, can penetrate the important parts of your body that need revitalizing the most.  Like your mitochondria (the command center  of your cells and nucleus).  Without a powerful antioxidant like hydrogen, dangerous free radicals can flourish throughout your body.


5).  Hydrogen is able to pass through the blood brain barrier, and may improve your brain health with its antioxidant power.



        By changing the combination of hydrogen and oxygen through a process called ionization, Kangen water machines not only produces alkaline water but also acidic water (which is water with superior oxidation that can be effectively used for killing bacteria).   These incredible water machines have been recognized in Japan as medical devices. 














         One out of every six homes in Japan owns a Kangen water machine?  For instance, when they were first introduced 40 years ago, people waited literally hours for these machines, and they sold an amazing 300,000 without any advertising in a matter of a few days when they were first made available.  That is how prized they are in Japan.


        Why is this so important?  


      Only because Japan for the last 35 years has had one of the highest life expectancies in the world. 



          But Japan hasnít always placed so high.  Co-incidentally, since the invention of these  machines in 1965, (only in hospitals then), according to the website Lifeexpectancy.com, Japan has gone from number 35 in the world in life expectancy in 1960, to now usually either number one or two. And have been one or two for years!


         Do the Japanese attribute this steady climb to coincidence?  No.  They totally attribute much of their increased longevity and improved health on Kangen water. 


        How much?   As mentioned, in Japan one out of every six homes own an Enagic ionizer.  Whereas in the United States it's one in 17,000.  That is about to change with more education and more outreach.  After all, we (the United States), are listed at #53 in life expectancy.




          For three reasons.  Timing, aging and retirement.   As evidence, if you were to ask most baby boomers (and Iím one by the way) and early seniors what are probably our two biggest life fears as we grey?


      Most would, without a doubt, probably say running out of money during retirement and/or experiencing declining health or disease.  Right?


       Well, here's an opportunity that will allow you to address both (Health & Retirement) very effectively head on.  As they say, there's no wealth if you don't have health.






         No, really.   Do you know?   What about your bottled water?  I don't know if you've been paying attention or not, but there's a water crisis going on in America.  There's a very real concern about how healthy our faucet water is for drinking.   And it's not getting better.



          It's really unsettling since water is the one substance we can't live without.  In an alarming interview with Steve Colbert, environmental activist Erin Brockovich explains the Flint Michigan water crisis and much more below . . .








         In addition to the standard filters that come with Enagic machines, they have filters that will also remove lead and chlorine. 















      Mobile is changing the game.  Right now no other marketing tool offers comparable open rates -- 93% for voicemail and 87% for text.  Which today makes mobile one of the most effective affordable paid ways to reach people.  Resulting in an incredible marketing bargain and cost savings when stacked up against other mediums.  For instance, with mobile you can reach people for as low as two to five cents each. 



        That's crazy and is why you need to jump on this now.  While it's still evolving and before prices jump up. Which you and I both know will eventually happen. 




         How much profit could you realistically pocket when you can reach people for as little as two to five cents each on their mobile phones?




         A ton.  Certainly minus physical costs, time constraints, and an adept ability to reach people were they are:  On their mobile phones



        Couple this with high ticket Enagic commissions and you can see why so many people are doing so well on our team.  It's a marketing match made in heaven.   Market low.  Profit high.  Enhance health.  Retire from it.




        You will be able to do likewise by tapping into our "Hands Off" duplicable system like the one you're watching here right now.  An identical system tracked to you that will do all the Enagic telling, educating and persuading for you.  




          Direct Mail.  We also have an offline direct mail marketing system in place as well for the Enagic opportunity.  Quiet as it is kept, direct mail is still a thriving medium when done the right way.   The way we have our system designed it will self finance your mailings. 



           In other words, pay for your cost to mail.  Which means you will pocket $75 out of every $97 front end order for our information package.  Thus a little over a 1% response will pay for your cost mail.  You then rinse and repeat the process, building your Enagic network of mailers and mobile marketers under  you. 




















           The next short video explains the  patented Enagic compensation plan probably in as simple a fashion as possible.   What I also want you to do is pay close attention to the last part of the compensation plan, around the six minute mark.  It will blow you away and what we all should be striving for.  INCOME FOR LIFE.  


































             This is probably the most powerful 'set apart' feature about the Enagic opportunity and really was the main reason I joined.  There's an end game.  A goal.  Meaning as you go through the promotional ranks you can qualify for Life Time Profit Share.   






          It should be your goal as well. 



          Yes, set yourself up for lifetime income from Enagic.  Starting at around $120,000 a year for life once you reach 6A2 status.  (That's you becoming a 6A and having two 6A's under you in two different legs).  And, that is just the start.  It's goes a lot higher. 



         Imagine having such an income for the rest of your life.  Yes for life!  Imagine the peace of mind.  The security.   All this from a company that has already been in business for over 40 years.  Yet, in a country like the United States that has so much more growth potential for such machines.  Remember, only 1 in 17,000 households here have Kangen water machines.   One in six in Japan.




            Why is this so important? 



            You can actually retire from this.  This is not residual income dependant on a bunch of monthly purchases by your downline that can and will decay over time.  Been there.  Done that.  That's not true residual income.  That's a temporary income.  "Fools Gold" really.  This is for life.  It ain't decaying!   It's Enagic repaying you for a job well done.  Talk about loyalty.  Talk about committment.  Who does that?  Enagic does.  For life!  It's the Japanese culture.



           Also, unlike all the other high ticket opportunities out here, there's really no end game.   There isn't.  With such opportunities every month you're starting at zero again.  Meaning there's no rest.  No relaxation.   Not really.



           With Enagic there's no need to have to start over again.   No chasing the next shiny object.   That gets old.   Not to mention stressful.  You stop.  Your income stops.   Not so with Enagic.


           IMPORTANT:  That's why if you're even considering joining a higher ticket type program -- doesn't it just make sense to join something that can pay you for the rest of your life from real product of value?  Versus every  month starting at zero again.  And  from something that can also have you drinking the best water in the world.  



           With Enagic, (a company that already does over $30 million a month in sales), if your team produces they will eventually reward you very handsomely for life.  Plus, getting to profit share is not really that difficult based on their leveraged compensation plan that encourages team building -- particularly when it's coupled with a great turn key system.  (Which we have).



         Think about this.  Unlike most high ticket programs where you might get one pass up sale, (then that person becomes your competitor).  Which really means there's no real 'walkaway' leverage.  No team building.  No multiple leveraged checks.   You saw the video.  That's how our people are getting stacks of checks in the mail. 



        How cool.



        With Enagic you are promoted more through the ranks based on your over all team growth rather than individual growth.  Resulting in a ton more group leverage. 




           And know this . . . when you join our team, you would be joining one of the fastest growing teams in Enagic's 42 year history in producing the most 6A and 6A2 executives in the shortest period of time.  We have set records with this system.   All you have to do is plug in and leverage it as well.  We will help you. 




            What's more, here's the most powerful part, you can do all this with "No Money Down" if you so choose.   It's how I joined.  And how I would venture to say 80% join.   Think about this for a minute.  It really means your ability to make a full time income does not not have to cost you a lot of money out of pocket. 



           Why spend your money to get a machine when you don't have to -- particularly if you have okay credit.  Thus leave you more of your own money or credit money to put into our highly profitable and ridiculously affordable mobile marketing system and funnel to build your Enagic business.  Like I said in the video . . . "Market Low.  Profit High.  Enhance Health."




         To get approved all it takes is a call, and through our sources you will know your approved amount usually within minutes or 48 hours.  



         However, we first need to know what your credit score is before we recommend a source.  If you know what it is then we recommend you go to those sources. If  you don't know what your credit rating is you can go to

www.creditkarma.com and find out what it is for free.



       Credit Score 640 or Above. Call Comerica. Tell them you are with Enagic and want to apply for their not interest for a year Plantinum card.   They will pretty much approve you on the spot.  What you won't immediately know is for how much. 


       Make sure to ask that the credit card be shipped overnight.  Otherwise you will have to wait ten days to get your card.  You can call Comerica at 1-800-589-1400. Important:  Mention that you're interested in purchasing an Enagic water machine.  They are very familiar with Enagic.


          Comerica is who I went with.  My payment my first year based on my credit rating was only $38 a month.  I have since paid my machine off. 






             Another newer source is Pay Pal Credit.   You can't pay for your Kangen water machine using Pay Pal.  However if you get approved for their "6 Months No Payments Bill Me Later" credit plan.  You can use whatever you're approved for to purchase a Kangen water machine by transferring the money to yourself. 




                   Credit Score 590 to 640.  If your credit is just okay.   Don't fret.  We still have sources that will work with you.  Of course, you will pay a higher monthly.  We work with a broker that has over eleven sources for financing.   She does charge a one time fee of $400 for the service.  She has a good track record for approval.  All you will need to do is click the link and fill out the form.  It's important that you know your three credit scores before filling out her form.



Click Here To Fill Out Anne's Form


             Springleaf.  We've recently added them as another option if your credit is more challenged.  You can call them at 1-800-961-5577.    Not Available in all States, Excludes: NY, WA/DC, CT, MN, AK,NE, HI,RI, VM        





                With Springleaf credit score does not matter as much  You must be able to show them something where youíve made a history of payments.   You must have at least $600 a month in disposable income.  This is income left over after your bills have been paid.  Your debt to income ratio needs to be good.  It helps if you own a car no more than three years old.  They will lend anywhere from $1,500 to $25,000. 




               Enagic Financing.   Enagic understands that people often do have credit issues that will prevent them from financing a machine through a third party source.  That's why they've made Enagic financing available as an alternative option.  You will typically have to put down at least $500 for the smaller machines, or $800 for the mid level to larger machines.  You determine how many payments you would like to pay it off with.  It's usually four, six to ten payments.   Enagic will keep all your commissions until the machine is paid off.   If you're interested in Enagic financing, give us a call. 





1.  Call me, Chris, at 571-276-1602.  Lets chat.


2.  Decide on what machine you would like to purchase.  The Leveluk SD 501 is their most popular machine. It's four grand.


3.  Decide on how you want to pay for it.  Finance it or pay for it outright.


4.  No Money Down Option.  If going the finance option, call the sources we provided and see what they say.  Once approved.  Again, give me a call.


5.  If you want to pay online, then go to my link below.  You will also be able to get your Power Life Pro duplication site there as well at no cost as of right now.   Highly recommended by the way.  Power Life Pro has built the fastest growing Enagic organization in the United States!




My Power Life Pro Enagic

Online Sign Up  Link



6.   Not a so called Internet Type and would prefer to sign up and pay offline.  Then you will need to download the Enagic sign up forms.  The link below will provide you everything you need to sign up.  And, everything else you really need to know.  Even if your credit rating is in the 500's, we have sources that will work with you.  Important:  Before you fill out the forms, make sure you speak to me in regard to your sponsor.  So you have the correct sponsor.



Enagic Forms.  Even More Credit Information.

No Credit Check Sources. Etc




7.   If You Want To Make Money From Selling The Machines.  I will then set you up with  your own duplicating Health Wealth Water Story intro website like this.  You will probably want to get your own url address you can share with others that will redirect to your Health Wealth Water Story website.  (I will help you).  We will then link it to your Power Life Pro website for those that prefer to sign up online.  Like I've done here with mine.   Then it's game on.



8.   Now it's money time.  We will provide you all the strategies, secrets, and sources we use for all of our mobile advertising campaigns.  My partner and I have access to over a million mobile phones and mailing lists of biz opp. seekers.  Buyers!  Those ready to join Enagic.






          Yes.  Health, wealth and retirement in one swell swoop.   Do it once.  Profit forever is our mantra



         What would an additional monthly income of $1,500 do for you?   Even eventually $5,000 monthly.  For some that's just two sales a month.   Which, by the way, is so easy with this Health Wealth Water Story system and presentation coupled with mobile -- now the best and most economical way to reach people.



        Of course we can't promise what you will make each month.  That's illegal.  All we can do is provide you the exact same system that has produced the most 6A and 62A executives in Enagic's 40 plus year history.   That alone says a lot.



         Admittedly seeing is believing.  You've seen the money some of us are making.  The checks.  It's really wonderful.  Life changing even.  But more importantly, my friend, we a providing a health product that is literally changing and savings lives.  A medical device for the home.  Highly alkalized healthier water.



         At this point, I'm sure you've watched most of the videos on this site.   I hope so.  Now the ball is in your court.  What are you waiting for.  Join us.  Better secure your long term future.  Change your water.  Change your life.




          Enagic ID# 6164308

       Contact me: 571-276-1602



PS.   Listen, since you must drink water.  Why not drink the best water in the world.  Your body will be glad you are.  Questions, don't hesitate to call me, Chris, at 571-276-1602.



PSS.  One last thing.  An Exclusive Optional Offer. We are also looking for at least four very committed individuals interested in becoming 6A and 6A2 with us by the spring and summer of 2017 utilizing this duplicable system and our marketing counsel and expertise spaning over a combined 50 years.



           Is that you?  



            Yes, make six figures a year in retirement income from Enagic.  Our written down goal.   These are four individuals a long with my direct response partner Daryl that we want to take by the hand on this quest and journey to a six figure retirement income for life with Enagic.  We know we are going to make it happen.   Are you?   If so, then please fill out the questionnaire below to see if you qualify . . .   


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