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Not All Drinking Water Is Created Equal.  Most Water Is DeadThis Amazing K8 Enagic Water Ionizer Demo Proves It.







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Dear Concerned Patron . . .


       Thanks for opting in and watching the above three Enagic presentation videos.  If you're a baby boomer like I am, I'm a young 59.  (Smile)  Did you know the two biggest concerns for most of us post the age of 50 are . . .


Maintaining Optimum Health & Running Out of Money During Retirement


Yes. Being Broke & Unhealthy Are Most Baby Boomers Two Biggest Fears When It Comes To Aging


         Wouldn't you agree?  What if there was an opportunity that addressed both of those two fears head on, would it interest you?   If even a little bit?


          It should.  Here's why:


          When it comes to health maintenance and upkeep, did you know that the deliberate onslaught of chronic disease is fast making healthcare in this country virtually unaffordable. 


            In fact, it's the biggest threat to public health in the 21st century.   Right now chronic diseases account for $3 of every $4 spent on healthcare.  Or $7,900 for every American that has a chronic disease.  Crazy, right?


   There's more . . .   






  Did you know that healthcare costs are 1,000% more in the United States than anywhere else in the world?  
  Chronic disease causes seven of ten deaths in the United States.  Yes, 70% of deaths!  Meaning it's really an epidemic.  
  Heart disease, cancer and stroke account for 50%.    
  Healthcare costs for a person with one or more chronic diseases are FIVE TIMES HIGHER compared to individuals that don't have a chronic disease.  

Did you know one in every three children will develop diabetes.   That, my friend, is heartbreaking. 



         If you don't know, chronic diseases are any disease that are generally related to aging such as Alzheimers, arthritis, cancer, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, to name a few.  In fact, more aging Americans will die of disease this year than at any time in historyÖ







279,000 seniors will die from Alzheimerís disease this year







113,000 seniors will die from strokes and other brain events







489,000 seniors will die from heart disease







55,000 dead from diabetes







414,000 dead from cancer



           Thatís 1.3 million senior Americans who will die of such diseases this year.   And the number will only go up next year, and every year after that . . .


            What's more:












Did You Know the Average Hospital Stay Is $10,000












           And that is on the low end.  The average cost for healthcare for a family of four is $22,03.00.  What this really means is that most of us cannot afford to get sick.  Not really.  Not with what is going on in the country.  Not to mention these costs are a burden on all of us who directly or indirectly fund this care through taxes, employer expenses, and deductibles.



Did You Know the Number Once Cause of Bankruptcy In the United States Is From Medical Costs


            Or lack thereof.  In fact, a study done at Harvard University indicates that medical expenses are the biggest cause of bankruptcy, representing 62% of all personal bankruptcies.


          One of the interesting caveats of this study shows that 78% of filers had some form of health insurance, thus bucking the myth that medical bills affect only the uninsured.  They don't.


          Meaning . . .


What's Really Expensive Today Is Getting Sick


            Rare or serious diseases or injuries can easily result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills - bills that can quickly wipe out savings and retirement accounts, college education funds and home equity.


            Here's why I bring all this up in regard to sickness in America.  Admittedly Kangen water ionizers are not cheap.  Running anywhere between $2,400 to $5,000 depending on the model. 


           However, the cost is really relative and affordable when you look at the whole picture.  In essence you're really lump paying for your water in advance, coupled with less medication.   I will explain.


            (By the way, if you have decent credit (650 and above) you can easily own one of these life enhancing machines and pay less than $60 a month and can even pay it off quickly with Enagic's highly lucrative high ticket commission structure coupled with our inexpensive mobile system). 


              As you're seeing, when compared to the cost of getting sick, paying for meds, and the weekly cost of buying bottled water, these life changing devices are a long term bargain.  


            After all, the whole purpose of getting your loved ones on this special water on a daily basis is to help keep all of  you out of the hospital, right?  Prevention.  To help mitigate chronic diseases and ailments.



             In other words, with the high cost and ambiguity of healthcare in this country today, you really cannot afford to be without one of these machines.


A Computer That Changes Your Tap Water To Alkalized Water



            Kangen water machines have the potential to save you a lot of money in the long run by helping to reduce your doctor visits, all while incrementally enhancing your over all health.  With some of the healthiest oxygen rich water in the world.






Synthetic Drugs vs All Natural Remedies

Sticker Shock!


            One is costly.  One is affordable.   One only treats.   One helps prevent.  One is man made.  One is natural.   One makes sense, and one . . . well.   In fact . . .


Drugs Don't Cure Anything


             You do know popping pills is really only treating symptoms and not preventing them?  You do know that, right?  Treating and not curing. 


              The truth of the matter, the drug companies know there's 'no money in a cure.'  They know the money is in treating the disease, not curing the disease.  Which is why they want all of us taking daily pills.  They want us on prescriptions.  All to line their greedy pockets.  They want to keep you on dangerous drugs all while really never getting any better.


           Speaking of inherent risks, did you know death from pharmaceutical drug side effects is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States.   Under unintentional deaths.

The small print


           The drug companies are really treating chronic ailments by simultaneously poisoning our bodies as well.  Have you considered that notion?   Listen, no one is telling you not to take your pills.  Moreover, this is an attempt to warn all of us of the inherent risks of pill popping.  Worse yet, the mixing of pills.  


           If it's not us personally popping, we know of loved ones who are in this predicament.  We can think of some of them right now.  A father.  A mother.  Grandparents.  Or, it's you.  Unfortunately most of us will resist a lifestyle change like the plague, thus the drugs, right?  It's a "Catch 22."    


            Unfortunately an estimated 85% of all avoidable health care costs are due to behaviors.  Meaning most can be substantially reduced and even avoided with better education and better decisions in regard to prevention. 


How The Drug Companies Want You To Handle Your Health

With their outrageous costs!


How Enagic Wants You To Handle Your Health


             Obviously you have to do what's best for you.  


             I will tell you this:  For me after drinking Kangen water for over a year, my once high cholesterol has been the best it's ever been in my life and finally got me off taking the over priced statin Crestar.   My wife's blood work was the best it's ever been with her last physical.  We attribute it to the water.  There's more.


Kangen Waters Dramatic Impact On Diabetes



Please read medical disclaimer below.


Kangen Waters Impact On High Blood Pressure



Please read medical disclaimer below.


How Important Is Water To Our Health


              Extremely.  Next to oxygen.  It's the most important element our body needs to subsist.  Did you know that our bodies are about 65% water. (Source: Mayo clinic.)  Water regulates our bodies temperature, moves nutrients through our cells, keeps our mucous membranes moist and flushes waste from our bodies. 



             In other words, the human body is a water machine, designed to run primarily on water and minerals.   Each day we must consume a certain amount of water to survive.  All of us. 


                 Knowing this . . .


Why Not Start Drinking Some Of The Healthiest Water In The World Everyday


             After all, it is your body.  You're one and only.


            You can with Kangen water from Enagic.  In fact, it was Benjamin Franklin who said, "An ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure."  Nothing could be more true.   It's been proven that prevention medicine saves, time, money and most importantly lives. 



Effective January 2017 Enagic Offers Now Offers Both Group Rate Health & Dental Insurance


          In light of what's going on in the country in regard to health insurance, Enagic USA is pleased to offer you access to leading national insurance programs through PRO Insurance Managers.  PRO is one of the nation's leading independent insurance brokers and was chosen as the Direct Selling Association's exclusively endorsed program resource to all member companies. 


         Thus far you've watched the videos.  Revealing more proof that Kangen water is not just some ordinary generic water from an ordinary company.  But life changing antioxidant rich water.  Even unprecedented water that makes it some of the best drinking water in the world.  


          Water, by the way, the Japanese have sworn by for over 40 years for its medicinal benefits.  A country and culture perhaps we need to be paying more attention to when it comes to lifestyle and health.  Who, by the way, are some of the healthiest longest living people in the world.  





           Which is why one in six homes in Japan own a Kangen water machine.  Whereas, in the United States there is one in every 15,000 homes.  Which also means the profit potential in the United States is enormous


           Listen . . .


           There's two things we cannot live without.  Oxygen and water.   This is oxygen rich water What's more . . .


Enagic Is A Company That Firmly Believes That Both Health & Wealth Always Go Hand In Hand


           One of the biggest causes of declining health for a lot of people is stress.   The constant strain of stress over time can have a debilitating effect on both ones health and emotional well being.  It's really a silent killer.   


          Financial stress is easily the number one cause of  most emotional hardship for the majority of people.   Something no one really ever wants to embrace or experience at anytime in their lives.  You know, the life of check to check. 


          Particularly if you're a baby boomer.  A time when you're supposed to be enjoying your life.  Enjoying your grandchildren.  Not wondering if you're going to survive.  Not wondering if you're going to have to move in with one of your kids.  Even if you have that option.


           That's why the founder of Enagic, Oshiro Hironari, is such a firm believer that health and financial stability go hand in hand. 


            So much so, he rewards his Enagic distributors rather handsomely when we share the impact these life changing, health enhancing devices not only can have on one's health, but how you can actually make a comfortable full time living sharing the Kangen water story with others. 


             Plus, find out how our team combines Enagic with highly effective, yet inexpensive mobile marketing texting strategies to share the word and the amazing Enagic Kangen water story.


Kangen Health Wealth Testimonials




              Do you like what you're watching and reading here?  If so, when you join our team you will have access to our powerful mobile texting system and funnels.  Yes, funnels, we have more than one.  What's more our Facebook system.


           Mobile funnels that both educate and inspire prospects about the medicinal benefits of Kangen water.  Funnels and video sales letters written by award winning direct response copywriter Christopher Martin.  Funnels that do all the prospecting, educating and sorting for you passively. 


                  Thus, so you too can . . .



Retire For Life With Kangen Water


               Here's what's nice about Enagic.  It's pays well both now and in the future.  It's one of the only opportunities out here that has an actual "Lifetime Residual Income Retirement Profit Share Program" paid for by the company.  A lifetime residual income retirement program that offers both quarterly and monthly bonuses in the four and five figure monthly range. For life once reached.


               Keep in mind, because it's a high ticket opportunity you will be paid anywhere from $285 to $2,700 per machine sold depending on the model and your rank. As you advance the amount increases.  For instance, I average $2,000 per machine sold.  I can show you how you can get close to that level within your teams first ten sales -- and how to sell two to four machines a week with our marketing system.  Yes, this system you're experiencing now.  What's more . . .



If Your Credit Is Post 650 You Can Own A Kangen Water Machine With Very Little To No Money Down




          Kangen water machines, (these amazing computers for your faucet), range anywhere from $2,400 to $5,000 per machine depending on the model.  Not only do they provide some of the healthiest water in the world for you and your family, but the machines can last as long as twenty years.  Representing true long term value for something we all need.  From a company that has been in business for 44 years and sells over 15,000 machines a month worldwide.


           Look at it this way.   Sure you can join another high ticket digital program where you're going to pay roughly around the same amount or more for some digital information you can probably get on YouTube for free.  Right?  Knowing such, why not invest in something that is going to benefit you and your loved ones for a very long time.   After all, next to oxygen, water is the most important element we put in our bodies.


           What's more, if your credit is below 650 you can still own a machine, you will just have to put as little as $500 down as to finance it through Enagic. 


          In closing, find out how our fast growing team is using mobile to educate more people faster about Enagic, for a lot less money, coupled with Enagic's nice high ticket profits, that will allow you to live very well from only a few sales each month.  


           Would you like to be next?   Would you like a Kangen water ionizer in your kitchen?  Would you like Enagic to comfortably fund your retirement for life?  Have questions?  If so . . .


Here's What You Need To Do Next


                    Call our 24/7, five minute "Must Listen" Hotline message at:



(To circumvent message push #)

             Then leave me a message to connect personally with your level of interest from one to ten.  With ten being the highest. Leave your phone number, best time to reach you.  I can answer any questions you might have.


             I will also provide you (and can even via text) our more comprehensive "Must See" Enagic website with even more informative videos about how beneficial this amazing miracle water is and how everything seamlessly works with our turn key mobile system, including more in-depth details about how Enagic's Life Time Profit Share works as well.


P.S.    When it comes to health, it always better and safer to be proactive than it is reactive.   Everyone is interested in a Kangen water when they get sick.  However, over half of good health is about taking preventive measures.  Remember, your health is never an expense, but an investment.  Kangen water machines are a lifetime investment for your loved ones.


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